Susan Rizzo



From a very young age Susan had always created masterpieces in the form of food. In her early teens she used to bake fresh bread and baked goods for her family. Susan always had a keen eye for displaying and arranging food in a way that was very pleasing to the eye and of course to the tummy. Susan would spend hours perfecting cakes for friends and family. Baking and anything to do with food had not only become an art for her but it has also become her passion. In 2010 Susan persued her dream of become an artist of cake designs by studing the art of Pastry making and Cake Decorating.

Prior to finishing her studies she began selling her baked goods to a local coffee shop and an independant grocery store. Today the Art of Pastry making and Cake Decorating has evolved into a full-time career for Susan.

Cakes By Duchess is moving forward and is known for not only tasty cakes but a unique style of cake artistry. Feel free to browse her web page and follow Cakes By Duchess on Facebook.


If you have an upcoming event contact Cakes By Duchess for a quote. Tel. 416-400-2751